About Us

HitHero is a critically acclaimed film production company located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Founded by Julie R. Ølgaard in 2017, the mission statement has remained the same:

At HitHero, we aim to create a meaningful exchange of ideas through the medium of visual storytelling. We recognize that stories are only as effective as the way they’re told – For us, this means creating blockbuster movie experiences with powerful visual effects, which subtly explore important sociocultural themes, and have the core of an emotional journey.

We want to push emotional and philosophical boundaries, and leave our viewers with questions ranging from existential quandaries, to intimately personal examinations.

Our core values are humanity and limitless creativity, reflected in an age when both societal- and personal values are constantly evolving. Our ultimate goal is to reach a global audience as varied and diverse as the crew of talents we’ve assembled behind the scenes, and most importantly, to leave our viewers asking important questions, and wanting to repeat their movie-going experience.